About Mend Tea

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Mend Tea is a single origin premium whole olive leaf tea from Sicily.


Single origin tea is tea that comes from a single territory and harvest, with no added flavors or blends. These 100 percent olive leaf tea leaves are unmatched in flavor and consistency. The earthy flavor of Mend Tea indicates balance and richness with hints of umami and a smooth mouth feel from pure olive leaf with no fillers. Olive Leaf Tea has a very mellow and pleasant taste and is very different from other teas. If comparison needed to be made to something familiar, it could be compared to a very light green tea, but with a very pleasurable and pronounced natural flavor. Mend Tea’s purpose is to encourage healing with each sip.


Mend Tea is only made from whole olive leaves grown in the sunbathed Italian foothills and comprises of vital vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Olive leaves contain a substance called oleuropein, which is thought to help reduce cholesterol levels and inflammation. Laboratory studies found that olive leaf can kill a number of microorganisms including yeasts, bacteria, and fungi. It was also shown to have anticancer effects, but human studies are needed. *


Mend Tea is a tea made from the sun-dried leaves of the olive tree. This style of tea has been consumed for hundreds of years in Mediterranean countries, where they believed it has many health benefits. Grown in Monreale, Sicily. Monreale is a town and commune in the Metropolitan City of Palermo, in Sicily, southern Italy. It is located on the slope of Monte Caputo, overlooking the very fertile valley called “La Conca d’oro”, a production area of orange, olive, and almond trees. They have taken this trusted product, olive leaf tea, and crafted a modest simple to sip single origin premium whole olive leaf tea from Sicily called Mend Tea.


Mend Tea comes from dry farmed olive trees, which allows for cultivation without supplemental irrigation. Protecting the water supply while providing a superior product. Mend Tea is sourced and grown at family-run and ecologically minded farms in Sicily. We work with agriculturalists to select only premium complete leaves for Mend Tea, optimizing taste as well as nutrient density. It is 100% natural and vegan friendly.

Arriving on Amazon December 2022.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Produced by The Sicilian Olive Leaf Tea.